Since I am not a Greek citizen, is it possible to buy property in Greece?

Yes, of course it is. If you belong to a country-member of EU you are under the same legislation as a Greek citizen. If your country isn’t a member of the EU, the procedures differ and we are willing to inform you accordingly as long as we know your nationally.


Can I bring my English car with me?

Yes, however you will have to apply for a Greek number plate if you use the car for more than 6 months.

Can I use my English driving licence?

Yes, you can use your driving licence. Keep your paper and card part with you when you go out in the car.

What documentation is required as being a buyer?

Card of identification/ Passport in validity. AFM (Greek equivalent of National Insurance number) which is provided to you by request from the local IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

What are the legal requirements when buying or selling a property?

Above all, there must be a contract for buying or selling a property in order for it to be a legal purchase. The permission for such action is given, by law, to notaries. The lawyer examines the titles of the property of the seller and together with the rest of the documentation; he brings them to the notary who is in charge of forming the contract of selling or transferring the property. The whole action is being registered in the relative records of the notary and only then is it considered valid.

As a future buyer and not knowing the Greek language, how can I be sure for the validity of the documentation transmitted for buying a property?

This is secured one a law representative, a lawyer, is obligated to investigate and examine all the titles of the property meaning them to be legal and wholesome so as to proceed to the final contract.

Which is the documentation required in order to sell property?


The seller must bring all the legal documents to the lawyer, for example

Titles of the property

Certificate of the transfer to the Registry of Mortgages

Quadrant diagrams and plans

Certificate of the local Inland Revenue Service

Certificate of the Land Registry

What are the expenses for buying property?

When buying property you will have to add extra expenses to the real value of the property and that is:

Transfer tax

Municipality tax

Public notary

Lawyer fee

Registry of mortgages


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