Why Invest in Kefalonia

Aptly named ‘the jewel in the Ionian’, the island of Kefalonia has become an extremely popular holiday destination. Blessed with over 300 days of sunshine year, the tourist season runs from May to October.

The tourist first found Kefalonia during the 1980’s and visitor levels have continued to increase ever since. The south coast of the island offers the most popular tourist resorts and stretches from Skala on the southern coast to Lassi on the far south western coast.

Tourism and permanent residence are flocking to Skala and its surrounding villages plus giving you bags of space so you get that privacy. With its traditional Greek feel and hugged by spectacular golden beaches it’s a very special area to invest in. The villages that surround Skala that are popular are;






The Island has remained almost untouched by property development and only with an increase in tourism levels, has this highlighted the development opportunities available. There is still an emerging property market and a number of areas still lie uncovered.

There is a severe lack of high quality self-catering properties on the island, specifically smaller villas as appose to the larger 4 bedroom villas. The typical profiles of visitors to the island are couples of all ages. Smaller villas located in areas close to key tourist attractions, beaches and local amenities are in high demand.

Kefalonia is a popular second home destination. People nowadays are more confident in buying abroad. A small number of UK residence have identified the stable and long term investment Kefalonia can offer them and currently almost 2,000 UK expats reside on the island.

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